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DSA Professional Display

Jusha Display Center (DSA Display) designed for video assisted fusion surgery

Jusha Dedicated Display Center (DSA Dedicated Display) Designed for Video Assisted Fusion Surgery


Product Features:

1. Multiple screens are displayed in a centralized manner;

The Center can display multiple forms of image data simultaneously with large scale and high resolution. Up to 52 channels of video input are available, and 16 channels of video signals can be displayed on the same screen.

2. A variety of display options are available;

The Center can freely select and combine the video display solutions through video fusion screen management software, freely combined. It is convenient for doctors to view patient data. For each video signal channel, the window position, size, and scale can be adjusted according to need.

3. Main screen backup display;

The Center is equipped with a standby display that is synchronized with the main screen.

u  If the DSA main screen channel fails, the emergency channel starts, and the DSA screen can be displayed on the emergency display to ensure normal operation;

u  If the video fusion DSA surgery dedicated display or video fusion DSA surgery dedicated control system fails, leading to an abnormal displaying, then it ensures that the main screen is not affected and the operation is performed normally.

4. Dual power supplies plus redundancy (hot backup)

The Center has dual power supplies and real-time heat exchange. When one of the power supplies fails, the other power supply can still support the entirety of the equipment without a full or half black screen. In addition, the load of each power supply is reduced, which extends the life of the power supply.

5. Dual backlight backup and control system

There are two sets of backlight systems inside, which are staggered in arrangement and work at the same time. Even if one of the backlight systems fails, the other backlight system can perform a real-time adjustment under the JUSHA backlight stabilization function, so that the display can still work normally and quickly return to normal brightness thereby improving surgical safety!



Application scenarios:

Operating room (interventional operating room)

Remote demonstrating & teaching (conference room)


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