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Video Recorder

Imaging center is constructed that conforms to standards and specifications, according to the current advanced concepts in the industry. It can provide the functions of daily reading, with considerations on academic development, doctors professional ability growing, and interaction between hospitals. The construction of the imaging center also needs to consider future compatibility, easy to expand and upgrade.

Jusha HiREC-HD2000 professional record & playback device has functions such as video encoding, media streaming forwarding, recording, live streaming, VOD (video-on-demand), management applications, etc. The system adopts the Linux operating system and B/S architecture to provide a unified interface for users to view live and on-demand contents; and flexibility meets various application demands, including the demand the operating room. It is suitable for mobile teaching from small to large medical units. It can also be used for the management of surgical interaction and teaching resources.


Signal access and processing functions:

u  Support SDI/HDMI/DVI/ and other signal adaptive accesses, which are compatible with the signal input interface of all basic medical imaging equipment in the market.

u  Local image can be output by looping to the local display device through the loop-out interface (HDMI/VGA).

u  The input signal is doubling processed, so the preview videos could be output through the HDMI/VGA interface at the same time.


HD signal encoding function:

u  Automatically recognize signal resolution and match the image (UP TO 1080P) standard.

u  Image encoding of high-definition signals with H.264 (BP/MP/HP).

u  Support the coding in synthesis of multiple images; synthesize up to 2-way images into 1-way images encoded and transmitted to the far end.

u  Support high-definition audio signal encoding, which can pick up stereo audio signals for high-definition encoding transmission.


Signal recording function

u  Open SDK interface, which can be integrated with third party software.

u  Support a variety of recording modes: multiple streaming and multiple preview, single streaming and single preview, and 3D.

u  The system adopts embedded operating system, a dedicated hardware platform with non-PC architecture, stable and reliable. Anti-virus and anti-hacking, easy to maintain and manage.

u  Support patient information input, hospital rostering system connection (extra configuration needed), recorded videos automatic or manual upload.


Live streaming

u  Single device supports live streaming up to 1080P 30hz.

u  Support RTSP/RTP standard audio and video network streaming protocol.

u  Multi-protocol audio encoding and decoding including G.711, AAC.

1. The system can record multiple channels simultaneously. 

2. It supports simultaneous recording for both audio and video

3. 7-inch touch screen

4. Function shortcuts: new surgery, start recording, stop recording, and image capture

5. Video input interface: DVI-D, SDI * 2

6. Loop output interface: DVI-D, SDI * 2 

7. Video preview and recording output interface: DVI-D

8. Other interfaces: USB 2.0 * 4, Ethernet port * 2, RS232 * 1, 3.5mm audio output port * 1, 3.5mm voice intercom port * 1, 3.5mm foot switch interface * 1 

9. Ergonomic design, 45°tilted operation panel optimized for easy operation

10. Case material (except the operation panel): white metal, fully enclosed design, complied with operating room purification and anti-shielding requirements

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